Matthias Wächter

Testing Android x vs. Chrome on Android x

Discussion created by Matthias Wächter on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by Keith Shaw

Seeing Android 7.0 reduced the list of available curves to just prime256v1 I wonder how to test a server for compatibility considering the current client list in SSL Labs. As I understand, „Android 7.0“ actually means Chrome on Android 7.0, not the system library provided by Google.


Heck, iOS gets the differentiation between Apple ATS and Safari on iOS … can we have something like that for Android as well? There are quite some differences between the browsers, the system library available to Apps, and the same system library one version before or after in Android as well.


Is anyone else interested in a client test of the Android system stack as part of the handshake tests, or just the default browser running on it? What’s Qualys’ position on that?