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Is there a way to resolve "error" status of a WAS vulnerability scan?

Question asked by PETER T MAKAVEEV on Nov 17, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by shanmugammanian

We have the "progressive scan" option checked and a particular web site takes a number of days to scan due to the hard-coded Qualys WAS limitation of 24 hours maximum.


In some cases, after a few scans have reported "Time Limit Reached", the next consecutive progressive vulnerability scan would report: "error" status instead of "Finished" status or "Time Limit Reached" status.


At this point all attempts to complete the progressive vulnerability scanning of that particular web site leads always to "error" status and therefore to inability to successfully complete the scan.


What is the solution in such cases, so the scan could resume and complete normally?


What would cause such errors?

Is there anything that can be configured or fine-tuned in order to avoid such errors?