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How to get report in python

Question asked by Zdenko Sego on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2016 by Busby

I am new to the Qualys API, looking for help from this community.


I am using example python code “PyQual: Simple Python code for the Qualys API”



I am able to launch SCAN using the API, but not to generate any report.


When I launch report I have an error:



    <TEXT>parameter template_id has invalid value: 736275 (Tried to launch invalid report.)</TEXT>


I understand that the problem is with template_id.


What part is missing in this python code?

How to create template in python?


In GUI, I launch scan, then by clicking on 'View Summary' I am able to get report in PDF format.

What will be procedure with Qualys APIs and python?

Is there any source code example in python?


I'd appreciate your help.