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Getting JSON unmarshal error when using the repo 

Question asked by Deadrick Lingo on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by Bhushan Lokhande

I get a "JSON unmarshal error" whenever I try to use the sslabs-scan tool from github.  I am using version go1.7.1 darwin/amd6

GitHub - ssllabs/ssllabs-scan: A command-line reference-implementation client for SSL Labs APIs, designed for automated … 

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or not.  I am using Debian 7.  I woul like to run this against a file that contains a list of hosts or URLs, but I can't seem to get it working using only one URL. Can someone please advise me on this "JSON unmarshal error"


$ go run ssllabs-scan.go

2016/10/25 13:54:59 [INFO] SSL Labs v1.24.4 (criteria version 2009l)

2016/10/25 13:54:59 [NOTICE] Server message: This assessment service is provided free of charge by Qualys SSL Labs, subject to our terms and conditions:

2016/10/25 13:55:02 [INFO] Assessment starting:

2016/10/25 13:58:42 [ERROR] JSON unmarshal error: json: cannot unmarshal array into Go value of type map[string]string




2016/10/25 13:58:44 [INFO] All assessments complete; shutting down


$ go version

go version go1.7.1 darwin/amd6