David White

How do I make Qualys maps use multiple scanners?

Discussion created by David White on Oct 4, 2016

I have an asset group with about 9 internal scanners associated with it (visible when I go to VM -> Asset Groups -> <my group> -> Edit -> Scanner Appliances).  When I schedule a scan on this group, I can go to the "Scanner Appliance" section and choose "All Scanners in Asset Group". 

However this option is not available when I schedule a map on the group - I can only choose a single scanner appliance.  If for some reason Qualys can't contact that appliance, the mapping will fail, and I get back this e-mail:


Your map did not run on Qualys Scanner Appliance XXXXX because the appliance did not contact the Qualys Cloud Platform to pickup the map. Your map was canceled unless this is a distributed scan. If this is a distributed scan (with the setting All Appliances in Asset Group), then rest assured that the scan will be re-distributed automatically to run on the remaining available Scanner Appliances.


This message seems to indicate that a distributed mapping is possible (just like a distributed scanning).  But there is no setting called "All Appliances" within the Asset Group settings - at least nothing I can find.

How do I enable this functionality?