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Dynamically tagging unscanned hosts

Question asked by Will Bechtel on Sep 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by Will Bechtel
I scheduled a light inventory scan on the 'All' asset group - hoping to pick up any new IPs added to the subscription.  The subscription is relatively small so I didn't mind light inventory scan on everything. But the scan fails - won't run on 'All' asset group. 
I am trying this because tags are not processed until the host is scanned - but if you are trying to use dynamic tags to organize hosts into scan groups - you get in a pickle.
Hosts aren't scanned until they are tagged
Hosts aren't tagged until they are scanned
Is there any way out of this that doesn't require API or manual activities like creating asset group from search, removing scanned assets, etc?  Want something that finds new IPs added to subscription each day so they can be light inventory scanned (tagged) so they are then vulnerability scanned in the right group.