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Initial Options Scan taking a long time

Question asked by adamc on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by adamc

We just got a trial for the PC module and I kick started our baseline collection by running a PC scan using the Initial Options profile against our netblocks.  I gave it 6 of our our scanner appliances to help spread the load.  After almost 4 days of scanning, i have scanned a total of 36,827 IP's.  When I ran the same scan against my Windows 10 laptop it took about 5 minutes to complete.  Does it really take this long to get a PC scan completed?


These are the Options I have set for the scan:

Options:Scanned Ports: Targeted Scan, Hosts to Scan in Parallel - External Scanners: 15, Hosts to Scan in Parallel - Scanner Appliances: 30, Total Processes to Run in Parallel: 10, HTTP Processes to Run in Parallel: 10, Packet (Burst) Delay: Medium, Intensity: Normal,                                         Overall Performance: Normal, ICMP Host Discovery, Ignore RST packets: Off, Ignore firewall-generated SYN-ACK packets: Off, Do not send ACK or SYN-ACK packets during host discovery: Off