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PC Check for BitLocker

Question asked by adamc on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by adamc

I have not been able to locate a document or instructions on how to setup a PC check that will report if BitLocker is NOT installed and functioning. 


So far I have found that the only way to guarantee BitLocker is initialized/running is to execute  "manage-bde -status" on the local system and identify the Protection Status (and other good info).



This can be simplified within WMI query:


ProtectionStatus: 1 or a ProtectionStatus: 2 output would be acceptable and means the drive is encrypted and either in a logged in state or logged out state.


So the root of the question is:  How can I use Qualys to do this check for me on all my Windows OS's and report back which ones do not have a ProtectionStatus: 1 or a ProtectionStatus: 2


I have not found a CID or a QID for this check.