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Cisco ACE score vs. F5 score

Question asked by Daniel Stith on Aug 1, 2016

So I have a Cisco ACE 30 running 5.3.1 and an F5 running 11.5.4 and even though the Cisco configuration for a SSL VIP has nothing but TLS 1.2 and the two highest RSA-AES encryption suites enabled it scores an 'F' based upon a POODLE vulnerability (with only TLS 1.2?!?! how is that possible?) and the F5 scores an 'A-' even though it allows all TLS versions and nearly all encryption suites available to those protocol. The test results show only TSL 1.2 is available and the cert/key are an exact match on both LB. Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions on why the drastic difference in score (not to mention why the more secure setup is scoring the lower score)?