Douglas Foster

When can't OpenSSL connect to Server 2003?

Discussion created by Douglas Foster on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2016 by Rob_T

I am trying to protect my web servers with a Web Application Firewall that is based on OpenSSL.  Some (but not all) of my Server 2003 systems reject the handshake (no Server Hello sent), and thus will not connect to the OpenSSL client.   When tested using the SSL Labs site, the characteristics of both working and failing servers seem identical, except that OpenSSL and a very few other client emulations get server disconnects.on the problem servers.   Presumably it is a difference in patch kits or registry settings, but I cannot find it yet.   A web search finds others who have encountered connectivity problems, but not solutions, and none that report a mix of success and failure.   Can anyone here account for my symptoms and help me protect all of my servers?  (And yes, I know that replacing them is better than protecting them...)