Carolyn Spengler

Search List and Template Drama

Discussion created by Carolyn Spengler on Jul 14, 2016

All who are interested - (see this thread for history )


My TAM is saying this feature request is at the bottom of the pile until other customers request it.


Case#1023525 - "Qualys: QualysGuard User Interface - Feature Request - Select Search List(s) at Report Launch"


I don't know about you, but my template library is getting out of hand as I have to create a new template for each search list.  I curse to myself each time I have to do this.


PLEASE PLEASE talk/email to your TAM  and reference this feature request:


This is the only way to get traction.  This request will be beneficial to ALL who run reports in Qualys. 


This is a no-brainer and on the surface, appears to be an easy change.


Thank you in advance for your support!!!