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Vuln Age Problems

Question asked by Joshua Johnston on Jul 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by Jimmy Graham

I cant seem to get this query to return any results:


vulnerabilities.vulnerability.published: [now-1m ... now-1s]


I've tried adjusting the 1M part to to 3M even as far as 6M. but it comes back with no results. I've also tried this:


vulnerabilities.vulnerability.published: [now-6m]


which i think would only show vulnerabilities published 6 months ago exactly... but it throws an error at any rate.


I'm trying to create a widget that shows me the number of machines that need patches that are 1-30 days old, 30-60 days old and any patches older than 90 days.  I feel like the query for 30 days old should look something like this:


vulnerabilities.vulnerability.patchAvailable:"true" and vulnerabilities.vulnerability.published: [2016-01-01 ... now-1M]


but again, i don't have any results show up... anyone have any suggestions??