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API question

Question asked by iqh18 on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by Ivan Ristić

Hi all... Trying to get some help on the API.


I'm simply looking to run regular scans of my sites and get back the letter grade. If it is lower than we expect, we can go act on it. So I start by sending this request: and I'm sending the parameter startNew = on.


I then get back the following response, which makes sense:

status: DNS | protocol: HTTP | criteriaVersion: 2009l | isPublic: false | host: | startTime: 1468443830603 | engineVersion: | 1.23.46 | port: 443 | statusMessage: Resolving domain names


I then have a timer which waits two minutes before sending a follow-up request which is exactly the same as my initial request; however, I do not include the &startNew = on. In some cases, I'm getting back what I expect, which is something like this:


status: READY | protocol: HTTP | criteriaVersion: 2009l | isPublic: | false | testTime: 1468443841601 | host: | startTime: 1468443764457 | engineVersion: 1.23.46 | endpoints: gradeTrustIgnored: A | grade: A | ipAddress: 123.456.789.123 | delegation: 1 | eta: 1 | isExceptional: false | duration: 77031 | progress: 100 | hasWarnings: false | statusMessage: Ready | port: 443


This is what I would expect. In some cases though when I run the subsequent test, I just get back the same result as provided in the first query, where it looks like the whole test is starting over. Am I doing something wrong?