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Data retention for a big enterprise.

Discussion created by Private Username on Jul 12, 2016
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We are currently reviewing our data retention policy and capabilities, and I am curious if any of you dealing with similar issues and how you address them.


We are a large enterprise, scanning approx 24,000 infrastructure addresses a week, this does not include workstations, and have some performance concerns with the Qualys cloud infrastructure.  To be fair, our subscription contains more than 5+ years of data for both workstations and infrastructure, and over 200,000 total IP addresses.


We'd like to export all of the data to an external data store, and then delete data older than year, or 90 days or so.


We do have data retention requirements like all big enterprises hopefully.  We  need to retain this older data online and accessible for 6-7 years.  So the data repository outside of Qualys would be big, with all the enterprise ecoutrements: hardware, DB, governance, processes, user interface, privileges, documentation, care, feeding, et al.


Do any of you have similar requirements and concerns, and how do you meet and managed them?  Third party vendor?  Roll your own internal infrastructure?  To me, this sounds like a value add service that I wish Qualys would offer or partner w/ someone to offer. 


Any thoughts, commentary, or recipes appreciated.