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No Host Alive when doing VM Scan

Discussion created by Ron Cox on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Dev Choudhary

No Host alive when doing a scan.


I do have a ticket in waiting for a response from Qualys but figured I would reach out all of you to see if you have ran into this before.  I have a virtual appliance scanner on the inside of my firewall along with all the hosts I am scanning.  The scanner talks to Qualys outside no problems.  I try to ping the scanner on the inside from any of my hosts it times out.  When I do a scan and try any of my host the scans stop and says no host alive.  The other part of this is the scanner finds these hosts when you are just doing a map.  It let me add the IPs to the subscription and approved host but when I go to do a VM scan comes back no host alive.  So the last thing I have done is installed the Cloud client and this works fine I get all the info back from the host with vulnerabilities and all.  Any suggestions would be a great help thank you