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Question about TLS1.2

Question asked by Matt See on Jun 9, 2016

We are working on an issue right now with our credit card verification service.  We run a non-browser ERP system on Windows 2008R2 Citrix Servers.  Everything was fine until June 1st, when all of our credit card transactions started failing.


The ERP developers have a solution: "you can only do credit card verification by running our software on Server 2012 or Windows 10, you must upgrade the OS on all clients". 


The 3rd party card verification guys say that it should work fine on 2008 AND/OR 2012, assuming 2008R2 is fully patched (it is).  They also gave us a web based tool to test with, we have no problem on our current servers (2008) with either getting through handshake, it works fine.

One last nugget, the ERP guys are in fact correct on one point, if we run their code on a 2012 server, it works fine.  I am not a developer, but it would seem to me that there is something in their code that allows for lower encryption settings that simply are not allowed in 2012 Server. 


Does anyone have any ideas if you can make a Windows 2008R2 Server (client-side) force the use of industry standard encryption as 2012 seems to do out of the box?