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Reports Required...IP's deleted from host assets

Discussion created by Sumit Chowdhury on May 24, 2016
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Hello All,


I am new to qualys guard tool, have been using it in my company from past 2 months and i am responsible for scanning host assets for VM and sharing it's scanned report with the company. Recently some hosts were deleted by my fellow colleagues from the HOST TAB and we are now asked to share it's report for audit. Upon checking the scan tab we aren't able to see any vulnerabilities against those host scans, through which i conclude that because the host is deleted henceforth we are not able to see the VM reports in the SCAN index.

Is there a way out to get those reports back ? Are they stored in any of Qualys's Cloud database that we can reach to get it back even after deletion from the HOST TAB ?

Lastly if i managed to get those reports back, they are consolidated reports of multiple host's in one file in .mht format. But the company policy demands individual report of individual host, as a solution to this i use PERL to script it through qualys and fetch individual report and segregate them from consolidate report. So is there a solution if i somehow manage to get the deleted consolidated host reports back and add those IP's back again in qualys HOST and fetch them via PERL for individual output without initiating a new scan on them again.


Kindly advice and help as this has become a serious issue for us because we need to provide the old reports for Vulnerability audits asap and initiating a new scan would give me a revised report as per my knowledge.

I basically need the old reports in .mht format individually either through qualys or through any other tool that could separate them from the consolidated report.


Thank You