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Certificate Mismatch ?

Question asked by Timothy Glen on Mar 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by Matthias Wächter

Hi All,


I just received a new certificate from GlobalSign and I installed it on my ASA.


When I browse to the site in IE, Chrome, or Firefox the browser accurately shows the site with the correct certificate installed.  None of the browsers show certificate errors.  When I launch AnyConnect and connect to the ASA it connects fine with no certificate error.


However when I use SSL Labs to 'check' the ASA Certificate it states the ASA is using 'ASA Temporary Self Signed Certificate'.


The URL to the ASA is


I'm confused about why SSL Labs is showing the ASA Temporary Signed Cert when the ASA obviously is providing the GlobalSign cert. This morning I was reading Qualys Known Issues and saw this and wonder if this 'Known Issue' is whats occurring.

Known Issues


  • SSL Labs currently shows only one certificate, even with servers that have more than one. This is a limitation of the UI, which shows the first encountered certificate. Internally, SSL Labs collects all certificates. All will be shown in a future release.


If someone could confirm or provide some insight I would be greatly appreciative.


Thank you!