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Scanning *nix boxes results in "no host alive" when host IS alive

Question asked by qcberb on Mar 11, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by Doug Gwinner

Has anyone seen this issue?  It started today (coincidentally an update went out to our scanners around the same time), when scanning *nix systems via ssh auth the scan ends with "no host alive".  I was logged into the box when this was happening and can even see that the ssh auth was successful in the log files.


The same problem (no host alive) does not appear to happen when scanning windows boxes.


I have tried 5 different scanners while targeting the same box (which was successfully scanned last week) and all of them fail the scan with no host alive.  But they all appeared in the security logs with ssh auth.


A few of the same scanners do not have the same issue when scanning a windows box.


Thanks for any input.