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New curve in Chrome Canary

Question asked by tlussnig on Feb 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2016 by tlussnig

Hi, Google Chrome introduce in the Canary an new elliptical curve with the number 29.

It is not yet named in the client test. From what i found on on the list bellow could be added.

I know that they are not yet approved by iana or published on their webpage.

  case 29: return("ecdh_x25519"); //
  case 30: return("ecdh_x448"); //
  case 31: return("eddsa_ed25519"); // (Signature Only)
  case 32: return("eddsa_ed448"); // (Signature Only)
  case 256: return("ffdhe2048"); // (Finite Field Groups)
  case 257: return("ffdhe3072"); // (Finite Field Groups)
  case 258: return("ffdhe4096"); // (Finite Field Groups)
  case 259: return("ffdhe6144"); // (Finite Field Groups)
  case 260: return("ffdhe8192"); // (Finite Field Groups)