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Feature Request: Ability to specify an IP address to test

Question asked by Eric Rosenberry on Feb 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by Ivan Ristić

I have two use cases where I really need the ability to specify both a hostname for the SSL test to us, PLUS an IP address to test (ignoring DNS).


Use case #1:


Our GSLB setup only returns a single "A" record back based on what it things our closest POP is to you.  I need to be able to explicitly test changes to our other POP's to make sure I am not missing anything (the SSL Labs tool does let you test multiple IP's if they are returned as "A" records, but not if they don't get returned).


Use case #2:


I am prepping a new deployment and my cutover is going to be changing which IP's are in use to serve it globally.  I want to make sure my SSL setup is correct before putting it into production, but today, I do not know of a way to accomplish this.


Might these be something that you could consider as future features (or perhaps they already exist and I have not looked hard enough)?


Thank you for all your hard work!  This is a fantastic resource for the Internet in general that I reference all the time to my industry peers.