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Running selenium scripts with Windows Integrated Security

Question asked by Anton Roux on Feb 8, 2016
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Has anyone else have problems in getting their selenium scripts to fire when using windows integrated security (NTLM). It ran maybe once or twice during 100's of discovery scans and I now believe after 3 weeks of pulling my hair out that the script does not run because the authentication popup is blocking the script and it seems to me that the WAS is not handling that popup correctly. In my report it says Authentication pass after the scan, and I believe it is a browser thing with some browsers because when I am logged into my Windows box I still get the popup in Firefox and some other browsers but not in IE.


I have tested this with the Firefox Selenium IDE as can see that when the popup comes up the script do not run and when I change my Firefox settings to bypass the popup all works well. Can I do something to handle the popup in my setup, I know Selenium can not detect popups that comes from the page load event.


I have now been back and forth with Qualys support for 3 weeks and I find this really frustrating and we have a major deadline that we are almost certainly going to miss because we can't seem to automate properly.


I will appreciate any help on this. If anyone from Qualys is reading this my case number is Case #1034908: WAS selenium integration issue. There you can see everything we have done.