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Details about vulnerability from QID using WAS API

Question asked by Michael Hausler on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Jeff Leggett

So far, I've used the Findings API to obtain all of the newest vulnerabilities detected from the most recent scan, however, I'd like to use this information to automatically create bug reports for our software.  As of now, I can use the Web Application Report creation API calls to obtain the exact details of a vulnerability, such as title, description, impact and solution to each vulnerability detected all in the Glossary section of an XML formatted report, however, I would like a more direct approach to obtain the exact details of each vulnerability by providing the QID to another API call and obtaining all of this information.  It is my understanding that this is possible with the Knowledgebase API, but I would need to request for access to it, so I want to make sure of it.  Will having access to the Knowledgebase API give me this functionality?  Thank you.