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Accessing Web Application Report via API without first saving as xml document

Question asked by Michael Hausler on Jan 25, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by Busby

I'm trying to automate a scan that will look specifically for newly discovered vulnerabilities and later use them to automatically create bug reports.  Earlier, my plan was to use the API to trigger a scan, and use the id it returns to obtain the results using "download/was/wasscan/<id>" but the output from that call won't tell me which results are new and which have existed in previous scans.  If I use the "View Report" option from the Quick Actions menu of one of the Web Applications in the Web Applications menu, I obtain a report with all of this information, however, in order to obtain this information through the API, I need to create a report that is saved in the Reports menu, and then make a second call to download the results from that report.  I'm looking for a way I can do this without saving the results somewhere because this scan will be triggered every time someone on the team runs a build of our code.