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Has anyone every come across this when performing a VM scan?

Question asked by psaux on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by Ian Glennon

TL:DR The Scan Running On portion of the Scan Overview shows the following: "ip/{insert some random string here}" example ip/khsdNVhdhjsjCncjdhTAx


We had recently kicked off a very large scan in terms of IP scope and a small scope in terms of QIDs we were interested in. In this case three QIDs. The scan seemed to be chugging along until about half way through the netblock scope. From there the Scan Running on portion of the Scan Overview would contain, more often then not, a single target. Typically the targets are identified as either an IP address, netbios name, or dns name. In this instance, however, the target seemed to be in the following format "ip/{insert some random string here}". Keep in mind that the "ip" is not an IP address but rather the two letters i and p followed by a forward slash and then some seemingly random string of letters and numbers. Since this started happening the scan seemed to slow down to an extremely slow pace.


If anyone can provide any insight it would be greatly appreciated.