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Question asked by psaux on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2017 by Joash Herbrink

Is there anything I need to do for this CA error? Per the error description it sounds like it should heal itself, however, that has not happened. If I am interpreting the description correctly, which can be found below, this error should not even have occurred due to the fact that cloning never took place.




Usually an agent error code that is coerced from a server-side HTTP(s) 424 reply indicating that the client should be reprovisioned. This is typically the case when an agent is cloned during a system image and deploy scenario. Agents that assume the identity of another agent (e.g. a clone) are detected by our cloud platform backend processes and rejected. Part of that rejection is to inform the agent that it should request a new ID from the system. This is the concept of a reprovision. A new agent ID is created during the provisioning process.

This error should never happen outside of a cloning situation. It is not a critical error however root-cause analysis must be performed to understand the purpose for the reprovision.