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Cloud Agent Laptops not reporting back vulnerability data

Question asked by Eddie Dynes on Nov 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by derekv

I have a couple of 64bit Windows 7 Laptops where the CloudAgent has been installed.

Both initially report back to my Qualys Cloud instance, but fail to report back any vulnerability data, that tab remains blank.

Both Laptops have had plenty of time to report back 24hrs +

In the local log file, I see an error 1060 "Failed to open service" This error number does not appear to be listed in the common log error web page.

I have now been able to confirm that other 64bit laptops and servers are working ok, and I have 40+ 32bit devices that are all working just fine,

Hence the issues only appears to be affecting these two Laptops.

Any suggestions?