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PC: Using Oracle Environment Variables?

Question asked by Christine Kronberg on Nov 10, 2015
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Yes, I have seen that a very similar question had been asked 3 years ago. But then, three years have passed and I face the same problem as the user then: I need to be able to specify environment variables in UDCs, especially (but not limited to) $ORACLE_HOME. I don't see that there is any possibility right now to include the information of the authentication records for the oracle databases into the UDC definitions. Am I mistaken? I do not favor the thought of writing more than 700 UDCs for each requirement to cover all databases. With the path information of the auth records I would be able to write one-size-fits-all UDCs.

The proposed solution of reading the content of a script running in each server won't work either unless there is a possibility to start the script from a Qualysguard scan to keep the data in sync (and to ensure that the output file is removed after the data is gathered). Is there a chance to start at least a limited set of commands (beside grepping the content of a file and reading file permissions) on a target via Qualysguard? I don't see anything like that right now (please correct me if I'm wrong) so are there any plans to make this possible?