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statusMessage: Unexpected failure, statusDetails: TESTING_COMPRESSION

Question asked by Ronnie Vink on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by Ronnie Vink

While using the SSL Server Test I get an unexpected failure after accepting the certificate mismatch warning.

In the Apache access log I noticed the following request: GET / HTTP/1.0 and in the error log I noticed [error] [client] request failed: error reading the headers.


Right after the above mentioned failure and error message the Apache child process tends to exit. I wasn't able to reproduce the above mentioned error by using the openssl s_client, as mentioned by Ivan in another thread on this community. The result is the same in the access log, however I don't see an error in the error log as mentioned above while using the openssl s_client sending the same request.


I noticed the SSL Labs APIs and used it to run another scan to get some more information regarding the unexpected failure and the child process exiting.

After the scan I got the following result:


{"host":"HOSTNAME","port":443,"protocol":"HTTP","isPublic": false,"status":"READY","startTime":1446562720153,"testTime":

  1446562742152,"engineVersion":"1.19.33","criteriaVersion":"2009j", "cacheExpiryTime":1446563342152,"endpoints":[{"ipAddress":"IP",

   "serverName":"HOSTNAME","statusMessage": "Unexpected failure","statusDetails":"TESTING_COMPRESSION",

   "statusDetailsMessage":"Testing compression","progress":-1,"duration": 21405,"eta":-1,"delegation":1}]}


Would the above imply that the TESTING_COMPRESSION caused the unexpected failure and the child process to exit? Could you provide some details on how to reproduce this behaviour manually?

Please let me know if you need more information. Your help is much appreciated.


Thank in advance.


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