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www prepended to subdomains

Question asked by Andrew Parker on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by Andrew Parker

I have a wildcard dns record set up to be able to catch typos and all other subdomains.  When I run the SSL test against an existing subdomain,, the test automatically attempts to test  The dns resolution is successful because of the wildcard dns record, but my SSL certificate does not cover that.  I get a "Warning: Inconsistent server configuration" on the summary page because the certificate is not valid for  When I drill down into the IP address report a line says

Prefix handlingNot required for subdomains

It seems to me that this is an inconsistency that it attempts to test the www prefix on a subdomain.  The report says that it's not required for subdomains, so I think that it should not even attempt to resolve the subdomain prefixed with www.  That way I wouldn't get a "Warning: Inconsistent server configuration".