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PCI scans taking longer to complete.

Question asked by Wade Smith on Oct 16, 2015

Issue, PCI scans are taking twice as long. Customer environment has only grown by a little less than 1/3, however only active host. Their total hosts have declined by 1,000. The scans are done on dynamic IPs not static. However this has always been the case. Their PCI scans on average would take 10 hours to complete allowing them to meet their audit timeframes. Now their PCI scans take over 1 day to scan. So, a solution has been to run these PCI scans frequently. This is not what the client wants and causes issue for them. I have ran the Host scan time QID, to get the time it takes to scan each host, once an active one is discovered. However, I have also been looking to see what all is the difference from signatures Vulnerability Signatures 2.2.333-2 and Vulnerability Signatures 2.3.95-3. Could volume be an issue? How can one find out the number of signatures that have been applied to an internal scanner over a period of two years?  The client has noticed the increase in time required to run their PCI scans over the last several months.