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VLAN Updates not accepting appliance ID in API calls

Question asked by void on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by void

I've deployed a few scanners where I will be leveraging the VLAN tagging features and for a few areas, I have quite a few VLANs to update on the scanner.  It was a logical time to leverage the API to script it and upload the changes quickly.  However, I cant get the VLAN update curl command to accept the ID for the scanner Im updating.


My process is this: do an "action=list" of all the available scanners and report out the <ID> tag from the XML response.  Then using the number from that action=list I perform the action=update&id=1234&set_vlans=001|||vlan1 but in the response it says there is no appliance with that ID.  So Im a bit confused as to what ID is actually required in the parameter to identify the appliance which needs to be updated...its probably not the UUID but at this point Im not sure.


Any help is appreciated.