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Scan Multiple Instances in Amazon Cloud - GroupBy

Question asked by Max Max on Aug 25, 2015

Hi all,


I have this issue with Amazon Cloud and the autoscaling and hope that somebody can help me.


When I run the Qualys Connector to find the instances I have on the cloud, it finds (correctly) all my instances. The problem is that most of them are replicas of the same server because Amazon creates more instances of the same server to avoid overloading.


So, I can have a server repeated more times. For example, when I run the scan it can find this


Server A - IP x.x.x.1


Server B - IP x.x.x.2

Server B - IP x.x.x.3

Server B - IP x.x.x.4


Server C - IP x.x.x.5

Server C - IP x.x.x.6


I need to scan just one of each instancet for example just the IPs


Server A - IP x.x.x.1

Server B - IP x.x.x.2

Server C - IP x.x.x.5


but this need manual work that I think it could be solved using the Qualys API.


Any idea on this, please?






I found out I can use Groovy scriplet and I can use this instructions to find the instances I am looking for, but my problem is the same, how to group by?


if(asset.getAssetType()!=Asset.AssetType.HOST) return false; 

return asset.hasTag ("TaggedByQualysConnector");