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Firewall Scanning over Site to Site VPN

Question asked by Stephen Jenkins on Aug 14, 2015

I am curious if anyone has tried this and got it to be successful?   I'm running security scans for my company to improve our security (as are we all).  I've run into a small issue that I'm hoping the community could help me out with.  I have multiple sites in multiple towns connected via site to site VPN's back to my home network where my Qualys Scanner is.  For the most part I am able to run Vulnerability scans over the site to site without any issues, however I can never get a clean scan on any of my ASA's.  I am curious if others have run into this issue and what if any configuration changes you have made either to your scan or perhaps the ASA you have made to allow the Qualys Scanner to properly scan the ASA over the site to site vpn. 


Now before you say that I'm not getting any vulnerabilities is because it is clean... i know some of those ASA's are older units and I am trying to justify the time and expense to upgrade them by showing the bugs. 


Help would be appreciated.