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Change in assigning IPs to AG designate scanners in the scan

Question asked by nenadyan f on Aug 7, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by djprakash


Does anybody notice the way IPs in an Asset Group assigned to the AG's designate scanners in the scan has changed since the weekend of July 25. For example, if an Asset Group contains 7500 IPs with one designate scanner, before July 25 all 7500 IPs will be assigned to the scanner in one slice during the scan. However, after July 25, IPs are assigned to the scanner in multiple slices with maximum 1000 IPs in each slice. We have weekly scans that have been running without problem for the past two years now can't finish within defined scan duration. I suspect the slices are executed sequentially with each one starts after the one before it finishes.

Does anybody know what was the reason for the change and if there's workaround for our problem. Unfortunately we can't add more scanner to the AG at this time.