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Help in Cursor Waiting in VBScripting

Question asked by SRI rama on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by jnelson


I am running some calculations in 5 accounts. Once 1st account calculations are started, cursor will show busy symbol (In rotating mode). Once 1st account calculations done only it should go for 2nd Account. But issue here is, even 1st account calculations are in progress, 2nd Account calculations are calling. Due which my process is not completing correctly. sometimes it is skipping 2nd,3rd account calculations and going with 4th Account.


So could you please help me to some script to wait until my 1st account calculation got finished.




Script should wait if my cursor is in Waiting mode. then it should go with next command execution.


or help me if another way to achieve my goal. your help on this issue is much appreciated.


Thanks in Advance,