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Error/issue in the 'ticket_list_deleted.php' API function

Question asked by Robert Lane on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by Jeff Leggett

Hello! I've discovered an issue with the 'ticket_list_deleted.php' API function that I wanted to bring to your attention.


When pulling a list of deleted tickets through the API, it appears that it's supposed to function in the same way as the 'ticket_list.php' function. You request a ticket list by setting certain parameters (like start date, starting ticket number, etc.) and the API returns a list in order from smallest to largest. If the request goes over 1000 records, then it will return the next ticket number in the series so you can form your next request.


However, 'ticket_list_deleted.php' isn't working like that. It returns a list of deleted tickets, but they are NOT in order by ticket number. When over 1000 records are returned, it will return the next ticket number in the series, but it bases that on the last ticket it saw, not the highest number.


For instance, I request a list of deleted tickets and it returns it in the following order:










It would tell me that the next number in the series is 3, not 644. Also, if you don't limit the pull with a fixed ending ticket, it appears to start the list with newer deletes. That makes it so you would get the end of the list, but not the beginning.


One final thing. It appears to be listing the tickets based on the deletion date. I've noticed that tickets with the same deletion date will be listed in sequence. However, the deletion dates are not in sequence.


I have attached some XML output that illustrates the issue.