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Remove Certain Fields in reporting

Question asked by Stephen Jenkins on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by downinej

Currently when I am designing reports and I am listing the Vulnerabilities, the report outputs a block similar to the one below for each vuln.  The problem is I am looking to generate this report as a consultant to give to my clients to justify hours of billable time to repair vulnerabilities.  If i give this report to some of my clients they will use either the CVE ID, or Vendor Reference ID and attempt to fix it themselves.  While i can understand pros to this from the client perspective it is cutting back on my costs.  Plus in a variety of instances where my clients have done this in the past they have missed key parts of the document and ended up breaking things worse which led to longer fixes and more work for myself of my coworkers.  I have gone through a variety of the reports in Qualys but can't seem to find a way to generate the Bug information, without giving them customer those fields.  Any help or guidance would be appreciated.  I have highlighted in red the fields in question. 





QID:                             100218
Category:                    Internet Explorer
CVE ID:                         CVE-2014-6327 CVE-2014-6329CVE-2014-6330 CVE-2014-6366CVE-2014-6369 CVE-2014-6373CVE-2014-6374 CVE-2014-6375CVE-2014-6376 CVE-2014-8966CVE-2014-6328 CVE-2014-6365CVE-2014-6368 CVE-2014-6363
Vendor Reference      MS14-080
Bugtraq ID:                    -
Service Modified:         12/09/2014
User Modified:               -
Edited:                         No
PCI Vuln:                    Yes