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Complax Policy Compliance Control - RedHat 6.6

Question asked by Krishna Brahmbhatt on Jun 23, 2015



I have created new control for unix with type  "File Content Check"'.  I am trying to make similar to control ID 7947 but with different file content check.


I am using same technologies as original one uses which as following:  CentOS 6.x, Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.x, & RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.x.


some how original is working fine with redhat 6.5 and 6.6.  But I can not test newly created control.   it is giving me error message like you are testing on different technology. Even redhat 6.6 ip is not showing up when I click on view IP. 


Please let me know if I have to select different technology to test control on redhat 6.6..?