Mohesh Mohan

A python script to use SSL labs API and run tests on batch of server and produce detailed results

Discussion created by Mohesh Mohan on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by S de Vries

Hi Folks,


I have created a simple python script to use SSL labs API and test batch of servers. It runs multi-threaded so is considerably fast, (took me an hour or something to test 6500 servers and if result is cached on qualys ssl labs server its really fast, running the same 6500 servers second time took about 15 mins)


I think the best part is that the script is able to produce a CSV file with detailed test results.


So if anyone is interested in trying, please visit the page The instructions to use the script can be found there


Please provide some feedback if you found it useful or not working or something else. I am not an expert programmer so there could a lot of mistakes that i missed