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Mapping Multiple Data Centers

Question asked by Matthew Berry on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by Herbon Lavera

I have Qualys scanning appliances located in separate data centers in order to keep scan traffic off the WAN.


I have a requirement to perform weekly mapping scans across the entire network. I have many types of devices, some of which are not joined to a domain by intention or limitation.


In a perfect world scenario, I would have multiple "none:" domains. Each "none:" domain would be used per data center, each with a local scanning appliance.


With the current limitation of one "none:" domain, it seems like I can only schedule one type of map at a time. This means that I'd basically need to keep going back to Qualys and modifying that domain so it points at different data centers. Otherwise, I'll just need to set the "none:" domain to and accepting that a ton of mapping traffic will traverse the WAN.