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Operating System Regular Expressions no longer work due to ambiguous OS detection

Question asked by Adam Pratt on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by Adam Pratt

My Operating system regular expressions no longer track properly due to ambiguous  OS detection for Windows server 2008.


I rely heavily on Asset tagging for reporting accurate results. Up until yesterday afternoon, my server assets were being tagged with the following regex


^Windows .*Server((?!\/).)*$

This caught 99.9% of my windows servers on the network. Either due to a change in the name of OS's by Qualys or due to someone in my system changing Operating System names or scans overwriting my OS detection(Can you do that?Can this happen?) My REGEX is no longer accurate due to server being removed.


The regex I am currently trying to use to detect Server Operating systems is:


^Windows .*2008|2003|2012((?!\/).)*$

Which pretty much get everything, but dozens of Workstations are being picked up under the Windows 2008/7 detection and being thrown in my server list.


What gives? Any help would be much appreciated.