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Registering and Managing Dynamic IP's

Question asked by greensubmarine on Mar 30, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by greensubmarine

We have multiple AWS accounts which are fairly dynamic in their nature.


I have a requirement to scan all external AWS IP's which we own and we already have an automated system for gaining permission from Amazon and collating the IP's we are going to scan.


When it comes to Qualys, I want to be able to use the API to register the IP's, set up an asset group and launch a scan.


This works fine for a handful of IP's but as the API call requires the ips in the URI, there is a limit.  I am trying to register around 3000 IP's, add them to an asset group and then launch a scan.  The problem I have is that I either hit the URI limit of the server, or I hit the limit of API calls I can make in a day (if I do it in batches).


As these are POST calls, is there a way to add the IP data to the POST data instead of in the URI?  this would then get us around the URI limit and we can do the whole thing in 4 API calls.


1. Register the 3000 IP's in our account.

2. Create the asset group with 3000 IPs

3. Launch a scan against that asset group

4. Delete the asset group (if we want to do that, not sure yet)



We then have separate API calls which are already populating our internal VM database.