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Feature Request: Set Permissions on Scheduled Reports

Question asked by Josh Rickard on Feb 13, 2015

Hello, I would like to request a feature regarding setting permissions on scheduled reports.  Currently you can set permissions on either the Report Template itself or the individual report.  I am submitting a feature request for the ability to set permissions on the actual reoccuring scheduled report.  My reasoning is that if you set your report templates as Global and want individuals to be able to view these reports within their "Business Unit", then you will need to either give a reader permissions on the entire Report Template or on the individual report.  By having the ability to set permissions on the scheduled report, a reader can have access to all scheduled reports that someone else in the Business Unit has created.  This mitigates the process of having a Unit Manager give access to each report generated by a scheduled report.  This also reduces the amount of Report Templates that you have to create and the permissions you have to set.