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Why does an asset search not find hosts that are not in an asset group

Question asked by Jose Almada on Jan 30, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2015 by Pat Tepen

Qualys Guard Express Suite - Vulnerability Management.  When I perform a search under Assets > Asset Search, whether I use IP ranges and select all of my IP addresses/ranges or whether I choose to search via Asset Groups by inserting the word ALL in the Asset Group field, the search only returns assets if they are in some kind of asset group.  I don't enter any criteria in any other field.  I simply want the application to show me all of my hosts assets, yet it doesn't.  To test this, I have one host asset that is not a member of an asset group and that IP is not returned in the report.  How can I perform an asset search and ensure that Qualys is showing me 100% of hosts assets I have, regardless of whether they're in an asset group or not?