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Authentication Record not displaying correctly - Anyone else seeing this?

Question asked by Josh Rickard on Jan 22, 2015

I have multiple Authentication Records across our network (distributed IT).  When I go to our Authentication tab and view a (quite large) authentication record, it says the following:


2015-01-22 19_55_12-Authentication Records.png


And the following for every IP in that Authentication Record:


2015-01-22 19_55_38-Authentication Records.png


The crazy thing is, that this does not happen for every authentication record.  If the authentication record is smaller (amount of IPs) then it shows failed, pass, etc. but these Authentication Records are displaying this data weird.  I know for a fact that at least some of them are working correctly (can't gurantee how many, around 75%) and i don't know where Qualys is saying "No Authentication information from a vulnerability scan".


Also, I know I can run a authentication report (and have) to figure it out but it's easy for my Unit Mangers to use this tab then to run a report.


Any Suggestions?  I've reached out to and have not heard back as of yet (around 30 days out).