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Do you perform OS scans against map results or IP ranges?

Question asked by John Krewson on Jan 21, 2015



Based on your experience, do you recommend performing OS scans against assets derived from a map or against a determined IP block range? I'm weighing the following strategies:


Option1: Run map against IP range > Build asset group from map results > Scan asset groups derived from map results


Option2: Create asset group containing IP range > Run OS scan against asset group with IP range


The distinction is that for option 2, I would still run maps to discover assets and add them to my subscription, but I wouldn't rely on the mapping process to create asset groups. Instead, I would simply run OS scans against the full IP range defined asset groups, and whatever happens to be live and in my subscription would be scanned. I'm leaning towards option #2 because it seems redundant to me to build an asset group using a provided IP range and then create another asset group from this range via a map when I can simply run the OS scan against the entire range.


Thanks for any suggestions regarding my question.