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Qualysguard availability after DataCentre Consolidation

Question asked by Chalky_White on Nov 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2010 by Hesham Eassa

Hi there, this occurred last time, access to the Qualysguard GUI was late becoming available.


Today i was expecting QualysGuard to become available at 8am GMT , according to the note received from Qualys on 18th October.  It's now over 4 hours since then, and still nothing.


I'm getting network connectivity timeouts trying to connect.  Would it not be better to faciltate a landing page, informing/reminding clients of the outage and giving us an ETA for the service?  I have scheduled scans i need to reactivate (before i forget), and a whole bunch of other stuff to do


Thanks, Tony