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SSL Report v1.11.1 Feedback

Question asked by Rob_T on Dec 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by Rob_T

Hi Ivan


first of all many thanks for the new version which have many improvements.


Some minor things that might could get some more improvements:


SSL3 = Yes should be in red at Capabilies list (and browser selftest, if not already this way) isn't it


e.g here: Qualys SSL Labs - Projects / User Agent Capabilities: IE 8 / XP




"SSL3" maybe should be also red colored  in handshake Simulation list (@XP IE6)


Also missing OS X 10.10 and Android 5 (both also as reference ?)  and OS order seems bit mixed up
EOL OS  iOS 6/7 might do not need to be "Reference" ?
iOS 8 and Java 8 are not beta anymore



Btw why there is a yellow C  and a red C would it not be better to use C and D (and E also never used?) ?



Thanks a lot