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Question asked by Ian Cleator on Nov 2, 2010
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  I work for a large insurance company and we have a number of web sites. Ideally we would like to use this useful new tool to test all the sites. However, it would be a little time consuming entering each URL one at a time into the SSL Server Tool web page. Also, I feel it might be worthwhile testing regularly, say every 6 months or so - to ensure that we take advantage to any enhancements or additions to the tool and also check things like renewal of certificates.

  Whilst we could build a script to enter each of our sites in turn and capture the results, this doesn't really go with the spirit of the service you provide (I'm sure others would like the opportunity to use the service). So I was wondering, do you have any plans to provide facilities for multiple tests or perhaps plans to include the SSL Server Tool within the Qualys suite of tools?